Welcome to the ACET Website

ACET places tremendous importance of high quality leadership and governance - a commitment shared not just by the Chair of the Trust, John Barton, who is  a National Leader for Governance and the CEO, Eunice Newton, who is also a National Leader for Education, but by all the trustees.

ACET, through its academies:

  • is committed to providing high quality learning and teaching, enabling everyone to reach their full potential, whatever their age, ability, gender or ethnicity.
  • believes that every person is unique.
  • works together in an inclusive environment of mutual respect and consideration, valuing everyone's contribution.
  • recognises that parents/careers are core to supporting the learning of their child and seeks to establish positive, supportive relationships between home and the academy.
  • works to establish a partnership with the local and wider community to support our young people taking a successful place in society.
  • ensures that all adults recognise their responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • values all staff, volunteers and governors and provides high quality training and opportunities to ensure their on-going development.