We believe in fully inclusive education

We are committed to providing education for all youngsters from the community which the school serves and, therefore, would never adopt a selective admissions policy. We have an excellent record with children with SEN and pride ourselves on exhausting every existing intervention to enable children to succeed and then if necessary we will create more - we are determined that no child will be left behind. We strive to create positive learning environments in which fixed and permanent exclusions are used sparingly and only as a last resort. 


We look after our staff well and enjoy positive relationships with their union representatives

We want to create the very best possible working conditions for our staff, recognising that secure, confident and well valued staff are likely to perform far better than staff who are given insufficient respect and attention.  We will welcome and encourage trade union and professional representation in partner schools/academies and will meet regularly with union representatives to ensure that their voice is heard and heeded.


We are firmly committed to the continuing professional development of teaching and support staff and have earned an excellent reputation for our work, providing work placements and training opportunities for a wide range of colleagues from education and social work, from ITT, School Direct and NQT to the most experienced colleagues who still have much to offer the profession.  An effective academy will be a reflective and learning environment and as such, we aim to promote the continuing learning and development of our staff.

We care deeply about our education system and want to do all that we can to influence the prospects of as many young people as possible

We have no ulterior motives in sponsoring partner schools, no empire-building ambition, we simply want to make the maximum contribution possible to an education system that has enhanced our lives so much. We will strive to return full autonomy to our partner schools as soon as they are providing sustained high quality education for youngsters in their care, believing that schools should belong to the local communities which they serve.  We regard the sponsorship process as a vehicle for school improvement, not take-over, and will use our considerable expertise to speed up the process.  We will demand the very  best from ourselves, our staff and our students, for whom we will hold the highest expectations, we will work tirelessly with all stakeholders to ensure that our partner schools are amongst the very best in the country, whose pupils and students leave with excellent self-discipline, confidence and values, well qualified and well equipped to make a really positive contribution to society, and keen like us to put something back into the system, committed to making the world a better place for their presence in it.