Partnership Working

As sponsor, ACET will consult with local stakeholders to identify and select the majority of the governing body for whom they will provide training and guidance on outstanding governance, whilst they work with them establishing the curriculum, grouping arrangements, timetable and staffing structure for the new academy.

ACET will maintain overall management responsibility for finance, premises and staffing to allow the governors and leaders of the partner school to focus on the raising of standards of student attendance, behaviour and learning progress, with the guidance and support of the Core Academy Team established by the Trust. This team will provide professional development for staff on high standards of teaching, pastoral care and support. Senior leaders in the partner school will receive support and coaching in effective leadership and management systems and behaviours.

The Core Academy Team will consist of highly successful and well experienced senior leaders,  Advanced Skills Teachers and subject specialists.  The CEO will coordinate the work of this team, setting strategic objectives and standards for the partner academy, monitoring and evaluating its progress and performance. She will meet regularly with the principal of the partner academy to receive progress reports -these meetings will become less frequent as high standards are reached and sustained.

As standards improve ACET will begin to prepare and train staff in the partner school so that they are able to assume increasing management responsibility for finance, premises and staffing so that they become a high performing, autonomous federated partner within the Aston Community of Academies, lending their support to other ACET academies.