Remote Connectivity to ACET from Home

Remote Connectivity to ACET from Home

ACET uses a method of providing remote access to its corporate infrastructure through a method we refer to as 'Always On VPN'.

When outside the corporate network, the connection relies upon the Internet Provider (ISP) allowing certain protocols in order to make a successful connection. Sometimes Internet Providers block some of these protocols as part of their content filtering restrictions. It therefore may be necessary for you to contact your ISP and request that content filtering restrictions are taken off your connection.

Either by phone or by Online Chat, an example of the request that needs to be made of your ISP is below:

"My workplace provide us with remote access to our corporate network via a VPN and after speaking with our IT Department they said it may not work because of content filtering restrictions on my account. Could these be taken off please?"

Should your ISP attempt to troubleshoot the problem by asking you at any point to log in to your router and under DNS settings enter or, this will not rectify the issue.

Below is a table of popular ISPs and whether content filtering restrictions had to be removed in order for the Always On VPN connection to be successful:

Internet Service Provider Content Filtering Status
BT Tested & Working
Virgin Tested & Working
Sky Tested & Working
Vodafone Tested & Working
TalkTalk Untested
PlusNet Untested