Message from the Chair of ACET

If you are considering Academy status, and want to work in partnership with a forward thinking, professional educational establishment then please read further to discover the exciting opportunities presented by allying yourselves to the ACET brand.

Aston Academy was the foundation for the ACET ethos. It is a fully inclusive secondary school with an outstanding educational reputation and record of achievement. It has been one of the highest performing schools within the Rotherham Education Authority for the past five years and was awarded National Support School status in 2012. ACET’s Chief Executive Officer, Eunice Newton, is a National Leader for Education and our Chair of ACET, John Barton is a National Leader of Governance. Aston is a Specialist Academy for Maths and Computing and is in every sense a community school, enjoying strong links with its partner schools.  

Our core values: 

  • We are all responsible for all our children and young people.

  • All our learners will achieve; no one will be left behind.

  • Learning is our core business: investment, policy and strategy is driven by opportunities for learners.

  • Our academies are rooted in and responsive to the needs of local people.


    Children have unlimited potential and it is our responsibility to ensure that they maximise this potential. The ACET ethos starts with good behaviour, leading to strong personal values and feeling of worth. We back this up with strong pastoral care to ensure that our students can focus on their education in the widest sense.  We want every student to achieve to their potential. This encompasses their academic, social and personal development. 

    Our staff are talented, dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top quality education. There is a strong focus on developing the profession and on continuous improvement. Trustees/Governors/Leaders and teachers work together as a team and indeed team work with all our partners is another critical aspect of our educational ethos and reason for our success. Trustees/Governors/Leaders ensure that we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that concentrates on core national curriculum subjects. They appreciate the additional autonomy offered to academies to personalise the curriculum further, in the best interests of the student. 

    Parents and carers are core to supporting the learning of their child. We develop open communications to ensure that positive, supportive relations are developed between the school and the home. 

    ACET invites you to engage with us as a partner in this exciting venture to develop a close family of outstanding academies in which each one of our young people is empowered to strive for excellence in all areas of achievement.  

     John Barton
    Chair – Aston Community Education Trust